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A weekend too big for a nutshell...

So my weekend started Thursday night. I took Friday off from work cause I was having friends coming into town, so all night Thursday I was up doing laundry and making the house 'visitor friendly' (i.e. changing the sheets in the guest room, cleaning around the house and hiding the porn). Early Friday morning, atomsplitter flew in from Virginny. I picked him up at the aeropuerto and we went to breakfast at Sound Bites in Ball Square.

After unpacking and a brief rest, we wandered around Harvard taking pictures for a while, then sped off to the grocery store to pick up our surprise dinner for the rest of the company coming for the weekend.

Naps abounded until the arrival of starboogie, Joci and Pat (who don't have livejournals... infidels). It was then that we took the Jesus Crabs (as they've come to be called) out of the cooler and dropped the little bastards into the boiling hot water.

Yes, I know I'm going to hell.  Just be glad I didn't photo-edit in a cross and crown of thorns.

How did they get this new name, you ask? Well, when the lobstah guy was taking them out of the tank at Stah Mahket, they threw their arms out, much like in this picture here. Me, no longer possessing the distinction between inside voice and outside voice says, "Look! He thinks he's Jesus!" And hilarity ensued.

So after boiling our dinner alive, we rented Best In Show and marveled at the genius that is Christopher Guest and company. From Pat:

Christopher Guest, i.e. Count Rugen, also Nigel Tufnel of Spinal Tap, not only directed *Best in Show* (and wrote it, with Eugene Levy), but played Harlan Pepper as well. *And* he was in "A Few Good Men". *And* he was the First Customer in the Rick Moranis/Ellen Greene/Steve Martin "Little Shop of Horrors". *And* he is married to Jamie Lee Curtis. *And* he is Fifth Baron Haden-Guest of Saling. *And* that makes Jamie Lee Curtis a baroness. (*And* I wonder how the barony feels about her VoiceStream commercials.) My head is spinning.

Much catching up and basking in the joy that is old friends took up the rest of the night. When we were all done headbobbing we slept soundly.

The sun shone brightly the next morning-- just not in Boston. We made breakfast, got cleaned up, then ventured out into the mist for a walking tour of Boston... From the Virgin Megastore all the way to the North End, where we were thrown out of the St. Leonard's Peace Garden for being inappropriate. Joci was posing like the gold stature of the monk there, and someone got annoyed. Yeah, it probably wasn't the smartest thing to do, but the guy was IMMEDIATELY rude about it, and didn't even give us the chance to apologize for our transgression. Oh well... seems like it was a weekend for blasphemy!

Home for naps, then we met cosmicserpent at Cuchi Cuchi, where my landlord tends bar. We got a slightly abbreviated bar bill (well, my drinks were free) because of it, which was cool. The food was AMAZING. I'm totally up for going back for more of the euro-style-froo-froo drinks. And yes, as cosmicserpent said, the Strawberry-Basil Martini was REALLY good.

Home for more laughter, then bed. Up early on Saturday to meet one of Joci's friends from Penn State for brunch, then back home to get the three who drove up from the City of Brotherly Love packed back up in their cars.

atomsplitter and I were both sad when they left, so we consoled ourselves by going to see The Bourne Identity. As I shouted about in my previous post, it's similar in feel to what I wrote for competition, but it's MUCH better that what I've done. :)

Up early this morning for bagels and M*A*S*H, then I drove atomsplitter to the airport. He left his cell phone in my car, which I discovered when he called it while I was sitting waiting for the tow truck.

Oh, did I skip something? Yeah... went to return Best in Show, and Madeline refused to start. Seems that when it rains she has problems keeping her battery charged. *I* think the alternator belt is slipping cause of the wet, but I'm not a mechanic... so she's at the doctor right now, and I'm home, writing in my livejournal and eating a hamburger on a bagel cause we're out of hamburger buns.

And that's that!

Mmmmmm, bagel....

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