The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

Um... why do these people hate America?

Oh, right, because Americans for Prosperity don't think that the Olympics would bring any prosperity to our country. I really, really don't understand this hatred of America.

Let's recap:

Things Liberals bitched about Bush for (the short list):
  • Starting 2 wars he didn't finish.

  • Not apprehending the terrorists who attacked New York and DC.

  • Torturing prisoners.

  • Spying on Americans on American soil.

  • Turning America into an aggressive douchebag nation on the world stage.

Things Conservatives bitch about Obama for (another short list):
  • Trying to provide health care to everyone in the country.

  • Supporting the attempt to bring the Olympics to America (Hey, Bush wanted it first!)

  • Wanting America to work WITH other nations instead of dominating them and kicking sand in their faces on the UN Playground.

  • Trying to stimulate economic recovery (Wasn't Bush deemed a messiah when he gave people tax rebates? Why was Obama chastized?).

I'm really having trouble wrapping my brain around the differences in what is "evil" as envisioned by both sides.

Bill Clinton went through Impeachment hearings because he got a blow job. George Bush allowed for the torture of prisoners in direct defiance of a treaty that the US had signed with the rest of the freakin world... and... what? Oh, right, greatest president ever, I forgot.

Now, remember that I was a registered Republican until Bush's second term (I never voted for him, though... whew!). That's when I realized that the Republican party had started speaking for more things that I disagreed with than things that I agreed with. I still don't agree with the Democratic party 100% either, but when I look at what they stand for lately, I get nauseous looking at the Liberal list much less than when I look at the Conservative one.

But this cheering of America's Olympic loss? Where's Ann Coulter labeling people Traitors now?

Inflammatory comments (from either side) may be deleted. Intelligent discussion may be rewarded.

Tags: politics

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