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Ug, more politics...

"It is our duty as responsible citizens to keep an eye on the government and to question them when we feel they are leading us astray. "We the people" have an investment in our country, and we must continually perform our due diligence to make sure our investment is not squandered or stolen. We've invested our lives, our freedom, the safety of our families in this country, and it would be foolhardy to let that go by unwatched. The founding fathers knew that governments could evolve into dictatorships, so they built safeguards against that into the Constitution. When those safeguards get whittled away, everyone should consider whether or not this is defeating the concept of a free nation that our forefathers envisioned. Everyone should consider how rights were slowly taken away in Communist Russia and Nazi Germany, until bit by bit, the nations became oppressive regimes. Everyone should consider how easy it is to justify temporary restriction of basic rights for the common good, and how this has often led to ruin in the past. I reiterate: it is not only our right under the First Amendment to question the government, but it is our solemn duty as responsible citizens of a free country to do so."

Amen. But my question is who can you trust for information when journalists are more concerned with ratings and making a name for themselves than what's truly going on? No offense to my journalistic friends, but it seems that the vast majority of reporters are of this mindset. What happened to the terrorists moving into apartment buildings and blowing them up that was supposedly going on during sweeps week?


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