The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

Daily Twitters (for Posterity)

  • 09:29 @wilw Over Thanksgiving, my dad saw the WWDN sticker on my laptop case and asked, "Is that Barak Obama?" #
  • 09:33 I have one of the best moms in the universe, and today is her birthday!! When I get off the witness stand, I will call her. #
  • 13:07 @desmondaldridge sounds like a plan!! #
  • 13:39 Guess who's running food at the restaurant cause... You know... They don't need me in court today, so what else is there to do? #headdesk #
  • 13:52 @wychwoodnz Yes, but I'm 54 miles from my computer, so slightly out if her mind control zone. #
  • 13:55 ReTweet @adbear4me: "Sometimes it's just not worth chewing thru the leather restraints, its nicer to enjoy the warmth." Amen. #
  • 14:10 @melibabe LINDA SMASH!!!!! #
  • 22:45 Hey, @Comcast! WTF?!? 2 hours on hold?? #
  • 00:41 Headlight out. Pulled over. Insurance policy just renewed, so valid insurance card was on my desk. Now there's a mystery "transaction fee." #
  • 00:44 @enlightnalways That's the gallery's phone. We were trying to get their internet fixed. #
  • 00:45 @ladymeag But 2 hours and 12 minutes of the same hold music? Come on... #
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