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A Single Drop needs your help...

So about a little over a year ago I volunteered to help edit (from existing footage) a promotional video for A Single Drop, which is a non-profit, global clean water initiative. ( ASD goes into villages in Africa and the Philipines and teaches them to build and maintain clean water technology using indigenous resources, as well as showing them how to test their water sources for bacterial contamination.

In the intervening time, I’ve become very good friends with the organization’s founder Gemma Bulos.  She’s an extremely talented and dedicated woman who has spent the last several years just MAKING A DIFFERENCE.  She doesn’t draw a salary from the organization, she just works her butt off helping people around the world.

One of the things that they do is distribute portable microbiology lab kits to villages and towns.  25 single use kits fit in a 1 gallon ziplock type bag.  In 2003, 600 of these kits were given to a town in Tanzania.  The total cost was about $1500.  Once the town started testing their water for hazardous contamination, the reported cases of diarrhea in the town went from over 14,000 to fewer that 650.  In one year.  For $1500. And diarrhea is one of the major factors in infant mortality, so that’s a miraclous change.

These people are making a difference out there. A real, significant difference.  They’re saving lives. But they’re seriously short on funding for 2010. 

If you can make a donation of ANY amount, it would help.  Just follow the link.

But even if you CAN’T make a donation, please help spread the word.  This organization needs to keep doing what it’s doing, and they can’t do it without getting the word out.

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