The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

A Real American Hero

So hey!

My brother-in-law is on the America's Most Wanted web page!

But for something good!!!! He's been nominated as an All-Star by AMW.

In December 2009 Sergeant Jason Gassaway's skills as a SWAT team leader were put to the test whena gunman went into a bank in Burney California, where he preceded to shoot two customers and take the others hostage. Sergeant Gassaway and his team were deployed to and surrounded the building. Sergeant Gassaway was placed in a strategic location at the rear of the bank. This allowed him the ability to see the suspect and hostages. He could have easily ended the situation early on. He had a clear line of shot to the suspect but he was unable to see the hostages, and there for could not take the chance. He had to wait. After a 3 hour standoff, the react team was preparing to enter the building. During this time Sergeant Gassaway saw the suspect moving back towards the hostages. He knew this was his chance; he had to take down the suspect before he could harm anyone else. He took the shot, effectively taking down the suspect. For his professionalism and calm during this crisis he received special recognition from the Shasta County Office of the Sheriff. In addition to being a SWAT team leader Sergeant Gassaway has been a Patrol Deputy for 13 years. For seven years he was a canine handler and since 2003 he has been the Lead Defensive Tactics instructor. He has also received numerous other awards including officer of the year. Sergeant Jason Gassaway is an honorable and valiant man. He takes his job pride and does all he can to insure the safety of his community. He is truly an All-Star.

He could really use your vote to win! Yes you need to give an email address, but they don't send you anything. And you can vote once a day!!!

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