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The other cause I'm backing...

1024 bits of you and me on

"Each 5” x 5” tile is a unique piece of art in itself, but is also a component, or “pixel”, in a much lager piece. 1024 pieces to be exact. When viewed from a distance, the series of 4 individual panels, each 8ft x 8ft, will create a 35 foot long installation, which will be extensively photographed and assembled into book form. Part of the whole reward process for sponsors is the collaboration involved in the project. The right to name each “pixel” with a word or phrase that will be the subject of the individual piece is a valued part of the process for the artist and the sponsor alike. Once the project is completed, patrons will receive the individual “pixel” that they funded as a reward for their sponsorship." - The Rapidian

It's art people. If you've got $10 to spare, pitch in and support the project. The artist, while not a friend of mine before I discovered the project, is good people, and I plan on buying him beers next time he's in SF.

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