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Me and the gag reel...

Gag as in funny, not barf.

Dan was my director tonight for the first big 'homophobic' scene I had. He was cool. He also didn't want to do a stationary shot, but as we had no dolly, he had to settle for a pan shot that followed me and Gordon (who plays Gordon) to a point where we stopped, and became a stationary shot.

We had to start over SEVERAL times because he couldn't get the pan right. Then finally, he got what he considered to be a beautiful pan, and we continued on with the scene until we got to this line:

Good! I didn't want to pay for your lunch anyway!

Which I said:

Good! I didn't want to have lunch with you anyway... or pay for you... FUCK!

So that one will end up in the outtakes pile.

THEN, we were doing 'cut shots' for the opening credits. Well, we were outside in this garden area with a brick wall. There was a stain on the wall that looked like someone had peed. In actuallity, I think it was something worse, but as a gag, we did my 'cut shot' with me standing facing the wall like I was taking a wiz. The stained part of the wall was visible between my legs. After action, I 'shook it off' then turned to look over my shoulder and smile right into the camera. I can't WAIT to hear from the producer when she reviews THAT footage. Needless to say, we'll be shooting a real cut shot for me on Monday.

As for character development, it looks like Dac is ACTUALLY homophobic. And he has a gambling problem. I was talking to the head writer, and apparently I'm on my way down a 'long, dark road'. And yes, I know that could refer to other things, but let's pretend it means an acting challenge. :) Oh, and he's adding me to the list of junior writers, so I'll get to script some scenes next round probably.

This is going to haunt me the rest of my life...

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