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What not to do on a weekend you're sick, even though it's really awesome...

First, don't go help a really awesome friend with a really awesome gallery hang a show until 6:00 in the morning on Saturday even though you're really getting good at it, and you really enjoy doing it.

Then, don't get up at 11:00 to go help with and photograph the opening, even though you get to hang out with published authors, some of whom are amazingly awesome, and seriously award winning like Remy Charlip.

After that, don't go out for awesome food, and awesome icecream with totally awesome friends, cause seriously, who needs tasty tasty mediterreanean food and coconut milk icecream on a rediculously beautiful afternoon in Bernal Heights, right?

Post nommage, don't go home (after a detour at Best Buy to replace your lost camera battery charger) and keep yourself up till 9PM so that you'll be on a semi normal sleep schedule, then proceed to sleep for nearly 11 hours catching up on the sleep you lost. Cause seriously? You'll feel like you got hit by a truck.

Then, totally don't go looking for dress shoes, cause a) you're sick, b) you don't wear a normal human shoe size, and c) the kids at Sketchers won't help you unless you've been standing around for an hour, so if you've only got half an hour's worth of patience, it's not gonna happen.

Make double sure that you don't go home, rest a bit (and by rest, I mean play with the Xbox) before heading out to Golden Gate Park to take pictures of beautiful people who are taking part in an awesome play.

And finally, despite how shitty you feel, definately don't feel like you accomplished alot of awesome stuff despite the fact that you should have been in bed. And MOST CERTAINLY don't mention that you enjoyed it.

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