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Tell the tale, spread the word...

Okay folks, here's the scoop:

Back in December, my brother-in-law (who works for the Shasta County Sherrif's Office) saved some lives. Because of that, America's Most Wanted has nominated him for an "All Star" award. But in order to win, we've got to pull in the votes all grass roots style.

Jason is the ONLY nominee (of 8) in the Pacific time zone, and he comes from one of the smaller precincts, which means he has less of a built in voting base. So...

1. You can vote once a day - every day - from as many email addresses as you have!
2. Vote every day until May 3rd!
3. You do not have to join or buy anything to vote! Your email address will not be used anywhere else - it is only used to verify that it is a real person that is voting.
4. Repost the link to your Facebook page, to your Twitter page, to your Blog, to your Tumblr... anywhere you can help to spread the word, PLEASE help to spread the word! The more people we can get to vote the better his chances!
5. Tell all of your friends and family to vote for Jason!!!

We only seem to acknowledge our First Responders in times of sadness, so what America's Most Wanted is doing is great. It only takes a moment to vote, and it only takes two moments to help spread the word.


FACEBOOK FAN PAGE:!/group.php?gid=333719831145

Thanks everyone!
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