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Caye Caulker - day 1 (now with words)

So the lj app for my iphone ate all the words from that last post. Stupid app. Luckily I had a good deal of it saved on the clipboard...

Left SFO at 11:55 Wednesday night for Miami, after a full day of work.

Landed in Florida about 8:20AM, waited at the airport for the rest of the guys on my flight. The got in around 9, and beers ensued. Hit the next flight around 10:30, and I was so tired (not too much sleep from SFO to MIA) that I was out before the plane left the gate.

Landed in Belize City about 10:40 (2hr flight-2 time zones), got through immigration and customs, and more beer was had while we waited for Mike's flight from Atlanta to arrive.

Cab to the water taxi terminal, sandwich from The Hungry Monkey, rum, and we were on our way to Caye Caulker via boat.

In the second picture in the Post Without Words, you can see the place we're staying. It's the white building. We've get the top floor, and there's a jacuzzi on the roof. After dropping our stuff and throwing on our swim trunks, we headed down to the Split (where a hurricaine ripped the island in half in 1961) and hung out at a bar near the water while we waited for Tim and Ray to get in from Pittsburg.

Bar, good. Belizian beer, not bad after a few. Belizian rum punch, awesome.

Once they arrived, we drank more till it was feast time. And when I say feast time, I'm not kidding. Snapper, pork chops, lobster tail, shrimp, vegetables and rice, served with rum punch that was better than the other rum punch.

Now, half of us are readying for bed (for tomorrow's snorkel trip. The other half are hitting the night clubs.

This day did not suck.

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