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Caye Caulker - day 2 - the snorkening

Up bright and early for breakfast, then off to the Ragamuffin dock where they fit us with flippers and masks.

45 minute sail on the Raga King to the coral gardens where we spent a little time swimming with a manatee, who seemed to take a shining to Mr. Gilboy. Spent some quality time looking at the coral and amazingly beautiful fish. No mermaids or talking crab, though.

30 minute sail from the coral gardens to Shark/Ray Alley, where our guide chummed the waters, instantly bringing a metric jaws tonne of nurse shark, ray and other super aggressive fish to the side of the boat. Once they'd had their fill, we got off the OTHER side and got a guided tour if the shallow coral gardens there. Molested a ray for a few minutes. Our guide chased a shark. These bright blue fish kept coming up right up to everyone looking for handouts--it was like walking up Powell street with all the homeless, but less stinky.

Lunched in the sun on the boat and laid in the shade if the sail for a while.

Another quick trip brought us to a sanctuary with sea turtles and moray eel, and some spots for deeper free diving. A little harder swimming with the currents through the boat channel, but not exhausting.

What WAS exhausting was the amount of rum punch we had to consume on the way back.

Met some cool folks from Canada, and Kiwiland who were snorkling with us. So we had plenty of drunk chatter time.

The boat stopped at The Split on thenway back because we ran out of rum punch (why us all the rum gone?). Got back to the dock, dropped our stuff at the apartment, then the drinking continued well into the night.

Well preserved

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