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Job opening

Hey kids! My team is looking for an SQL Database Engineer. If you (or someone you know) is qualified and looking for work, have them check out and look for job number 63383. Remote employees will be considered. Let me know if you/they are applying and I'll have your/their resume flagged for extra consideration.

SQL Database Engineer
The Customer Experience (CxP) department is currently seeking an experienced and highly motivated individual to help establish and lead new CxP programs. This candidate must possess strong analytical and technical abilities and demand quality results. This is a unique opportunity to creating first-of-kind CxP programming across multiple product lines and integrating supporting data-driven systems, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Candidate Responsibilities
The Database Developer must have advanced SQL development experience and be capable of establishing database management systems, standards, guidelines and quality assurance for database deliverables, such as conceptual design, logical database, capacity planning, external data interface specification, data loading plan, data maintenance plan and security policy. Will document and communicate database design. Evaluate and install database management systems. Code complex programs and derive logical processes on technical platforms. Build windows, screens and reports. Assist in the design of user interface and business application prototypes. Participate in quality assurance and develop test application code in client server environment. Provide expertise in devising, negotiating and defending the tables and fields provided in the database. Adapt business requirements, developed by modeling/development staff and systems engineers, and develop the data, database specifications, and table and element attributes for an application. Amy also help to develop an understanding of client's original data and storage mechanisms. Determine appropriateness of data for storage and optimum storage organization. Determine how tables relate to each other and how fields interact within the tables for a relational model.

Candidate Profile
Strong development and SQL background to design, implement, and support the Reporting services for the Service Desk, providing a single point of access to all the information systems, including HEAT, Goldmine, feedback/escalation, CAPA, etc.

Required Skills:
- Strong SQL Development skills.
- Strong in writing SQL queries
- Web Services
- Object-oriented concepts
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills, analytical and problem-solving skills with strong attention to detail.
- Java
Preferred Skills:
- Maintain multiple production, development and QA SQL Server environments.
- Implement and enforce company-wide database security policy.
- Implement disaster mitigation/recovery strategy.
- Manage backup/recovery strategy for all database servers.
- Install, maintain and upgrade RDBMS software as required.
- Monitor and address database server performance issues. .
- Proactively plan for increased capacity and scalability.
- Participate in project meetings to understand application and database requirements
- Develop custom data tables to produce dynamic data driven web pages
- Be an integral member of the customer portal development team
- Design the data warehouse and create reports
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