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Last October, I had the opportunity to help out with a show that one of my friends (the ever talented Tim Bauer) had written called Zombie Town.

The show was put on by Sleepwalker's Theater, and they really, truly brought Tim's script to life. I was on stage for a sum total of 5 minutes (3 of which I was dead for), and had no lines. But I went every night and had an absolutely fabulous time with this group of actor/director/friends who had known each other a really long time.

I took some photos for them, because that's what I do.

I ran into Sleepwalkers again at the Bay One Acts festival. My friend (the ever talented Jessica Holt) asked me to come in and take some photos of the festival for her, and so I did. Sleepwalkers was doing one of the one acts. And once again, it was awesome (as was the other one act written by Tim Bauer, but this story isn't about him).

A few days ago I got an email from Tore, one of their founding members with the subject of "The Power of Christ Compels You." Never one to look a gift exorcism in the mouth, I immediately opened it.

Sleepwalkers had a new show going up, and they needed some publicity photos. Tore offered to pay me in booze.

Never one to look a gift bottle of rum in the mouth, I immediately agreed.

So tonight I went and shot some photos of their newest production, This World is Good by J.C. Lee. Even though I watched most of it through a 18-85mm lens, I was once again impressed by Sleepwalkers' work. Wonderfully acted, brilliantly directed... just an all around great show.

I think the thing that I love the most about Sleepwalkers (and why I'll always go take photos for them for booze and photo credit as payment) is that they work with local, up and coming playwrights. And I don't think they just put any old show up, either. They pick winners.

If you get a chance to go see This World is Good please please please do. And yes, I'm saying this despite the fact that their run is in direct competition with the last three weeks of the show I'm producing with Un-Scripted. I like their work that much.

Don't wake them up...
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