The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

A Long Overdue Update

While, from post dates, it may seem as if nothing has been going on here at pre-production central, nothing can be further from the truth.

Both Linda and I took the week of Labor Day off, and designated it Puppet Week.  And seriously, ALL we did was work on puppet stuff.  It was actually kind of nice, and super duper productive.

We started off the weekend in planning mode, outlining what we wanted to work on during the week, and acquiring supplies to make said things happen.  There was much exploring of San Francisco while on our supply acquiring binge, which was good.  There’s crazy awesome fabric place in the mission that is SCREAMING with puppet skin.

And then came Monday, wherein we took a detour from Project Monkey Dance to shoot a puppet music video.  Oh yes, a puppet music video.

Green Screen Setup

Green Screen Setup

Paul came by to help, and we spent the whole day on video, changing Stanley through four different costumes, and building a fat suit for George.  Quote of the day:

“We are handcuffing a puppet. How can this day get any more awesome?” – Linda

You can see the finished product here.

The rest of the week was a barrage of puppet planning, supply building, blueprint making, 3D working, foam cutting, eye painting and general awesome mayhem.  The results of the week weren’t nearly as much PHYSICALLY as I thought there’d be, but we have a MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH better grasp of what we’re doing, and what NEEDS to be done.

And we’ve got the starts of Rodney, the next member of the family.

Stanley and Paper Rodney

Stanley and Paper Rodney

Foam Rodney
Foam Rodney

Linda and Angry Rodney

Linda and Angry Rodney

After the awesome week of creativity, it was hard getting back to the normal grindstone, but we managed it.  And we’ve also managed at least one puppet making day each weekend since, one of the most awesome parts of is our own style of puppet eyes combined from a couple different techniques we found.  Here are Rodney’s eyes (in progress).

Rodney's Eyes

Rodney's Eyes

When I think about everything we still have to do, the enormity of this project just seems daunting.  But the more we get done, the more awesome it seems like it’s going to be.  So, if you’re Bay Area Local and are interested in helping out… you know how to get a hold of me. :)

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