The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

Ba da dun dun dun... another one rides the bus (and train and shuttle)

My jorb tries very hard to be "Green." As such, they encourage us, if possible, to take public transit to work.

Today, I tried it for the first time.

I actually have two options for getting from San Francisco to Foster City. I can walk a block to BART and take that down to Millbrae where a free shuttle will take me to my office, or I can walk 4 blocks, pick up a bus that goes down to CalTrain, and take that to Hillsdale where a free shuttle will take me to my office. Now, the shorter walk may sound like the better option, but if I time it right, I can get the limited CalTrain, which takes a big chunk off the trip down.

So this morning I decided I'd take the early CalTrain down.

I walked from my place down to Bryant and 7th Street, where I picked up the 47 bus that took me the whole 5 stops to the CalTrain station. I hopped on the 7:19AM train, and it departed right on time. The walk was actually really nice, and the ride down as the sun rose over the bay was amazing. I brought my laptop and worked on scripts for the Puppet Project, and generally enjoyed the ride. Being a limited train, stops were minimal, and I was at Hillsdale by 7:40.

Here's where my "Country Bumpkin" kicked in and derailed the process that would have had me to work around 8AM.

You see, there's a sign on the Southbound platform that said "To Shuttles" which then listed the destination of the shuttles. My destination was not among them.

"Oh dear, self," said I, "Where wouldst we find the shuttle to take us to our most salary paying destination?"

"Well, self," I said in reply, "Thou hast thyself an iPhone. Perhaps thou couldst look it the fuck up?"

"OF COURSE!" said I, and I proceeded to bring up the website.

Unfortunately, when the list of shuttle routes came up, I clicked not on the "Lincoln Center" shuttle as I should have, but the "Foster City (North)" shuttle link. That link said that the shuttle departed at 7:30... from Millbrae.

"THE FUCK?!?!" I cried out in my head. "Millbrae?!" The next shuttle was at 8:30.

You see, this is before I knew there WAS a Millbrae shuttle to my office, for I'd only looked at the schedule my co-workers told me about and didn't realize there was more than one. So, in my 7:40 AM stupor, I decided that I must have misheard EVERY FREAKING PERSON WHO TOLD ME TO GET OFF THE TRAIN AT HILLSDALE. I lept to the other side of the tracks and hopped on the northbound train that arrived shortly after I was done with my leaping.

It was only when the northbound train started to move that I realized the stupidity of my ways. But at that point it was too late.

I arrived at Millbrae a little before 8, and proceeded to wait. And wait. And wait until the 8:30 shuttle arrived, which got me to my office just before 9AM. An hour later that I intended.

BUT! I did get there.

Fast forward to the evening. I decided that I'd try BART for the ride home, since having the shorter walk in the evening would be nice. And so I hopped on the 5:04 shuttle. Got on BART, and was home by 6:10. Sooner than I would have been had I left the office by car at the same time.

The only down side to BART was that the trains rock more, so using the laptop to write gave me a bit of a headache. Still trying to get rid of that.

But all in all, despite my dumb, I think I could do the public transit thing a few times a week and Spare Some Air.

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