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Getting the most bang for your buck out of the weekend... (And no, I don't mean bang as in sex.)

I'm exhausted.

This weekend was probably one of the most busy weekends I've ever had. I did nothing but run run run.

Friday night was Improv Foundry's first show at the Brimmer Theater. GREAT space. The show started out a little rough. We were all a bit nervous being in a new theater, and a lot of our friends were there. But the second half picked up, and we had a REALLY good time. Drove Mr. cosmicserpent home, then hit the hay.

Up early on Saturday to go to the airport to pick up my plane tickets to go home for Columbus Day. I think that's going to be my only trip home this year. I'm getting to hate traveling for the holidays.

After that, I ran to Modern Brewer to pick up a second 5 Gallon carboy so I could rack and dryhop the beer we made two weeks ago. Now it just has to be bottled next weekend.

After that I was PLANNING on writing, but I got to feeling shitty, mayhaps because of the opressive humidity, so I spend most of the afternoon on the couch.

Went to an ex-cow-orkers wedding with a current cow-orker that night. We were sitting at the 'Table of Misfit Toys'. It was the unwed-mother and the father of her child, the gay couple, the lesbian couple, the ONLY black couple at the wedding, and me and Melissa. We were also closest to the door. Maybe they expected trouble...

Left the wedding around 10:30 to hit the Asylum for their 4th anniversary party. Stacey (who's in charge of EVERYTHING) made sure to let me know I was invited. Since I'm teaching, I'm still an employee. So I decided to go, and had a really good time. There were a couple video presentations, the first of which had the "In Memorium" section for folks who had left. My picture popped up there, at which point I shouted out (ala Holy Grail), "I'm not dead yet!" That got a good laugh. There was also a neat video done by Travis about the transition from the TC to the NET cast, and it started with mentioning all the people who they 'had to say good bye to'. It was sad, but nice to see myself and Trish get applauded when we came on screen. Of course someone ELSE (I think it was one of the owners) yelled out "He's not dead yet!" the second time I came on screen. :) Got myself a nice Asylum zip-up sweatshirt, and a kickass Peanut Hunt T-shirt in Circus Peanut Orange.

Didn't leave the Asylum till like 4 in the morning. Got to bed around 4:30 and was up at 9:15. Ug.

I was SUPPOSED to be crewing the soap shoot for a few hours that morning. 10 to Noon. That's it. Well, one of the LEADS of the damn thing didn't bother to show up, and they couldn't get ahold of him, so the writer on duty took all his scenes (which were the start of a new plot thread) and re-wrote them for me. So I spent the entire afternoon shooting scenes instead of being crew. Line of the day:Be a dick, but never apologise for having one. Oh! And Madeline is now a star, too! That line was said while sitting in my happy little Miata.

Because the shoot went so long, I was a little over three hours late for the table top game that I was hosting at my house that day. Thank goodness Roomie was there to let everyone in. Game ended about an hour and a half after I got there, and just as everyone left I got a call from agoodshinkickin inviting me to go see Lilo and Stitch. Glutton that I am, I said "Sure!" It was well worth it. The movie was hysterical.

Got home and crashed so hard I forgot to set my alarm. Luckily, I woke up on time this morning. But now my shins are killing me. Aches and pains up and down the front of both of them (left worse than right, though).

And that's my weekend...

You do too like them. You're just don't like the thought of being caught at one. Look, this is my advice: Be a dick, but never apologise for having one.

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