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The Velawesomeraptor Himself

The Taste of Carney Food

So I’m not drinking nearly enough to keep a drinking blog going.  But what a perfect excuse this gives me for incorporating the semi-regular brunches we’ve been doing into my urban food/beverage blog, right?



Straw -

This week’s brunchstravaganza saw us at Straw, a new addition to Hayes Valley, and self billed as “Carnival Fare.”

Cotton Candy

Birthday Treat

It’s a small place, and they don’t take reservations, so get there early.  If you’ve got a large (more than 4) group, send a scouting party early to get on the waiting list, and take a stroll around the block to Blue Bottle for a coffee while you wait.  And trust me, the wait is worth it.

Our party of six was lucky enough to get to sit (partially) in the Tilt-a-Whirl booth (don’t worry, it doesn’t really move) and because it was my birthday, we got a bowl of cotton candy to start our meal off.  It was fresh, and tasty.

State Fair

State Fair - beignets/apple compote/caramel sauce

We decided to splurge, and started off with an appatizer of “State Fair” (beignets/apple compote/caramel sauce) which were “kill your neighbor and take their share” good.

Rocky Mountain Madame

Rocky Mountain Madame

Then everyone moved on to their own EXCEPTIONAL meal.  Mine was the “Rocky Mountain Madame” (egg in the hole sourdough toast/proscuitto/béchamel/home potatoes).  After the sweetness of the cotton candy and the beignets, it was fantastic.

Service was great.  The host was friendly (they even took our phone number to call us when our table was ready). And one of the owners came out to see how our meal was at the end, and was genuinely flattered at the praise we lavished upon her.

I’ll totally go back here.

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