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I thought this was Friday, not Monday...

So I'm driving to work today... the radios that they put in the Miata's have this little problem when it's humid. They just don't turn on. There's an easy fix for it, but I'm going to swap the radio out for the CD player from the Power Geo anyway, so I've just not done it yet.

So here I am, driving to work in silence (relatively) when I happen to look down and notice my temperature gauge is pegged PAST the H for HOT. Swearing commences... there's no evil steam coming out of my car (that I can see in the traffic) so I crank the environmental controls over to Hot, crank the fan, and pray like a motherfucker... at this point, I'm 1 exit away from work.

Despite the settings, the air that is caressing the engine of the car before arriving in the cockpit never gets that warm. I make it to within 100 yards of my office parking lot and the Check Engine light comes on. So I quick pull in, grab a spot and poke my head under the hood.

There's steam, but not coming from anywhere that *I* understand. I can only tell that it's coming from NEAR the new alternator that I had put in two fucking weeks ago. I swear, if those motherfuckers fucked something up while they were putting in the alternator I'm going to be exploding some greasemonkeys.

So I go inside the office. Do I have my AAA card on me? No. I call anyway, and the nice lady hooks me up, and the tow truck arrives a short 20 minutes later. The tow truck driver is very nice and takes away my car to their approved service station near by. Now I wait to hear what ELSE is wrong.

I think I'm cursed.

Today's Haiku:

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
Fuck fuck fuck fucker.

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