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  • Fri, 17:57: RT @jasummerell: Use a possible power outage as an excuse to cook and eat a pound of bacon so it, "won't spoil?" Don't mind if I do.
  • Fri, 18:03: Minor change in plans this morning has me working from BrainWash. Hearty Breakfast and iced Mocha make for a day where I am already winning.
  • Fri, 18:50: RT @JSCarroll The German word “Kummerspeck” means “excessive weight gained by emotional over-eating” & translates literally as “grief bacon”
  • Fri, 22:42: Caramel Almond Brownies... @ Sightglass Coffee
  • Fri, 23:01: This is one of the coolest things to happen at one of our @hitRECord shows: #SFRECords
  • Fri, 23:35: RT @Seth_Fried: If your apartment is hit by a dolphin, DO NOT GO OUT TO SEE IF THE DOLPHIN IS OKAY. That's how the hurricane tricks you ...
  • Sat, 07:49: Grilled PeanutButter, Banana & Bacon Sammich @ It's Tops Coffee Shop
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