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  • Tue, 15:56: RT @UnDashScripted: It's time for auditions for A Tale of Two Genres! It's a musical. It's Dickens. It's another genre suggested by the ...
  • Tue, 19:02: Every little bit helps! :) Help me fight heart disease and stroke today!
  • Tue, 19:26: RT @jillybobww: If your 12-year-old daughter'd really take the HPV vaccine as an OK for sex, don't worry about raising a slut; worry abo ...
  • Tue, 22:55: My boss just found out what Rick Rolling is. Then she turned to me and said "Don't even think about it." Now I kinda HAVE to, right?
  • Wed, 02:28: Fighting the urge to dye the white in my beard bright blue.
  • Wed, 04:53: I need to stop looking at apartments in Paris and start getting some work done.
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