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It would be great if the whole world just exploded today...

Ever have someone step on the one nerve that agitates all the others, so that no matter WHAT happens, it irritates you?

Welcome to my Wednesday.

I'm working on a project for one of my regional managers, let's call him Captain Super Fucking Annoying. Well, it's an involved thing, and I'm dealing with two different divisions of HUD on it. They take time to get back to you. So I keep telling CSFA that "As soon as I have any new information, I'll let you know." But he still thinks it's necessary to call me and say, "Tell me you have good news for me." Not every day, but enough for it to be insulting that he doesn't think I'll call him when I have information.

THEN, the Miata is running hot again. Not as bad as Friday, but it was hotter than normal. So I popped the hood when I got to work. The coolant reservoir is empty. Just fucking great. So I call the shop. They'll look at it, but they can't make any promises because all the parts shops are already closing down for the holiday.

And then, everyone and their mother offers advice about the car. You should look under it for this... check the radiator for that... While I appreciate the advice, seven other people have told me the same thing, and my mood (already bad) makes me feel like you think I'm not smart enough to figure all that out for myself.

Oh yes, what a great start to a weekend that may not even happen.

Why do I even bother getting out of bed. Oh yea, cause it's 90 fucking degrees in the house!

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