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  • Wed, 17:01: RT @xeni: For once, @robdelaney talks about something other than vaginas, body hair, and marijuana. It's a vital read.
  • Wed, 17:57: Drinking my first shot of Mora Mora River Valley Ethopia Single Origin Espresso from @sightglass. So smooth I didn't even use sugar. #win
  • Wed, 17:58: RT @neiltyson: The "Edge of Space" jump: A corresponding fall to a schoolroom globe begins 1 millimeter above its surface. I'm just saying.
  • Wed, 17:58: RT @antoniusrex: Little kids are cute when they we don't strangle them for some of the evil shit they do during the day. My K ...
  • Wed, 20:42: RT @justinwolfers: Under Romney's (modified) "middle class" tax cut, middle quintile gets $722 tax cut. Top quintile gets $12,182. Top 1 ...
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  • Hayes Valley and the Haight

    Combined the Sunday Walk with Brunch today. GREAT combo if I do say so myself. This week's pics posted at A Year of Sundays. -- END OF LINE --

  • Just a Yerba Buena Sunday (woah oh)...

    After a nice brunch with awesome people this afternoon, I took a quick walk around Yerba Buena Gardens and the Moscone Center for A Year of Sundays.…

  • Tastes Like Drowning...

    I am freakin tired. Tired on a molecular level. Like... the atoms in my body are all, "Yeah, that thing about our electrons being everywhere at once…

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