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Well, the official word is that the President of our company wants to become autonomous from our corporate IS department.

This is... frightening... on a number of levels.

  1. The first is that he wants me to head up our IS team.
  2. The second is that our IS team is me.
  3. The third is that currently, ALL of our computer functions are totally intertwined with those of our sister companies. Shared drives, Internet access, e-mail, remote user access... all of it.
  4. The fourth is that I really have quite a bit to do as it is...

I have requested that we make this a several step process, so that we're not jumping off a cliff and expecting me to carry us to the other side unscathed. This was acceptable to my boss, who brought it to the President.

I am going to take a more active role in monitoring our IS department's handling of our company's computer problems. What this will probably mean is putting the IS ticket tracking software on MY machine so I can enter and monitor stuff, as well as take care of small things that are within my capabilities and time constraints. I foresee this being insulting to our IS department. Oy.

We also have two emergency computers being imaged that we can over night drop to any of our sites for temporary use if something goes wrong with theirs. These are being specifically configured for us, so that we don't have to wait the week (or three) that it's been taking for the IS department to configure them and get them shipped. I will maintain possession of these machines so that they don't accidentally get sent somewhere else. Where I'm going to put them is yet ANOTHER question.

HOPEFULLY this will resolve everyone's issues so that I don't have to become instant Net Admin and build a new network within a building that already has one installed.

Pray for my poor corporate soul

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