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My dad occasionally asks me random questions about computers when he needs help. Today's was 'how do you get Excel to automatically insert the date?"

The answer, of course, is the subject of this post.

It got me thinking of the word Now. You know when you say a word in your head so many times that it stops sounding like a real word? Now is at that point with me.
    now (nou) adv.
      At the present time: goods now on sale; the now aging dictator.
      At once; immediately: Stop now.
      In the immediate past; very recently: left the room just now.
      At this point in the series of events; then: The ship was now listing to port.
      At times; sometimes: now hot, now cold.
      In these circumstances; as things are: Now we won't be able to stay.

      Used to introduce a command, reproof, or request: Now pay attention.
      Used to indicate a change of subject or to preface a remark: Now, let's get down to work.

The thing that seems strange to me is that it starts with the word 'no' or ends with the word 'ow'. In my head (at the moment) both those things give it a negative connotation. Which means that now is bad. And in some ways, now IS bad, but not totally.

I don't know where this is going, of course. These are just random thoughts.

Now... now... NOW... nOW...

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