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Inequity in the work place...

I am not an accountant. The word 'accountant' does not appear in my title anywhere. And because of this fact, I will always be short changed in my office.

There are four 'Senior Accountant' cubes here that are larger than all the rest of the stalls. They're a stall and a half wide with extra shelves and extra walls. One of them is coming up vacant soon. It is being filled by another accountant because they want to keep the accountants 'together'. Regardless of the fact that there are other empty cubes near other accountants. Regardless of the fact that, quite honestly, I need the space.

Every year, we have an Audit Party when the annual audits are done. A party, celebrating the fact that the accountants did their jobs correctly for another year. When my department busts their ass and locates a million dollars that someone ELSE lost, do we have a party? No. Is there even acknowledgement that it happened? No. We move on, and continue what we do.

Why bother?

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