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The power of terroristic journalism...

It's interesting how when something is couched in 'ratings glamour' it garners much more attention than when it's not.

This link:
posted Monday was relatively ignored. I didn't leave the comments feature on for fear of having a huge international debate stuck in the comments section.

This link:
with the headline US Planning to Recruit One in 24 Americans as Citizen Spies however, has sparked some serious fire in some people's pants.

The two articles contain the same GENERAL information, one from the actual source, so it's couched in 'this is going to be great' and one from a very opinionated source which is couched in "Welcome to Nazi Germany."

Why does it take the fire of someone else's negative opinion on something to get us riled up about it? Can't we, as a people, read for ourselves? Oh, right, I forget that we're lazy Americans and have to have everything spoon fed to us.

Just be careful whose spoon you eat from.

Pensively awaiting my neighbors to turn me in for something.

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