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I don't know that truer words have been uttered. At least recently...

It's hard to admit to someone that you have to disappoint them. It's easier to get angry, rage, complicate your life in every way rather than admit that you made a few bad moves and now want to get to a better place. The truth can hurt both you and others, but ultimately it is the only thing there is.

Backpedaling, covering up, denial, beating around the bush... it's never worth it. It's much easier, in the long run, to just come out with it. I've found that to be the most true at work, which is why I'll usually take responsibility for problems even if they're not mine. That way people stop looking for someone to blame and start looking for solutions. Granted, in doing that, I'm not necessarily being honest either, cause MOST of the time it's NOT my fault... but it gets things moving on the right track at least.

Ownership of issues is a big thing. That's what keeps getting brought up in my annual reviews year after year. "You're not afraid to take ownership of things." Well, I am too afraid a lot of the time, it's just that I get tired of waiting for things to settle on their own while people bitch about what's what and who's whose problem.

My fault! And here's how we're going to fix it...

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