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I spent a most pleasant weekend with my extended family in PA. It's my dad's brother, Lee, and his kids (my cousins, obviously) and all THEIR kids.

Lee and Alyce have a great little cottage on Lake Ariel, and I really enjoy going down there and relaxing. I don't do it nearly often enough... maybe the 5 hour drive down is a bit of a deterrent... but once I'm there, I don't want to leave.

I think it's kind of cool that the whole family lives within a half hour of each other there. All four cousins see each other at least once every other week. Their kids play together on a regular basis. It must be a cool way to grow up.

Both my parents were the youngest kids, so all my cousins are a good deal older than me for the most part. We also moved FAR away from the families, so I didn't see folks that much. (Granted, my one aunt with kids my age moved to Africa, so it's not TOTALLY our fault!)

It's nice now, though, to be able to drop in and be welcomed amongst such a close knit group.

Yay for family!


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