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Couples fun... while not in a couple... dilema in the 1st degree

Went to the RenFaire with Mel last night, which was fun and TOTALLY not a couples thing to do. We're just friends, always will be, despite the mutual attraction. Our 'paths' lie elsewhere, and we both realize that.

But after Faire, we went out to dinner with Denise and Roger. Denise is an ex-coworker of ours, Roger is her husband (to be?). They showed us their new house, then we went to one of those Japanese Grill places in New Bedford (or should I say THE Japanese Grill place in New Bedford). It was a really fun night, but the entire time, it was a definate 'two couples going out and having a good time' feel. And even though Mel and I aren't a couple (and emphasezed this REPEATEDLY throughout the night) it was a comfortable feeling. Something I've not had in far far too long.

And while it was fun, I'm bummed that it went on so late that I missed Rich's party, cause apparently too much fun was to be had there.


Where is love?
Does it fall from skies above?
Is it underneath the Willow tree that I've been dreaming of?

--Oliver Twist in Oliver!

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