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25 Minutes of Sitting Back and Waiting for Shit to Hit the Fan...

Last Friday: Hi six regional managers! I need one of these computer inventory sheets filled out for each of your sites, and I need it back by next Friday.
Last Monday: Hi six regional managers! Mr. President says he wants those inventory sheets back by noon on Friday.
Last Wednesday: What do you mean none of the Boston sites got the information? Isn't the Regional Manager paying attention?
This Morning: What do you mean you didn't get the survey, isn't the Detroit Regional Manager paying attention? :: What do you mean you didn't get the survey, isn't the Upstate NY Regional Manager paying attention?

So I've been faxing my little ass off, getting people information that their Regionals declined to send them. In (20 minutes now) a short while, the president will be exploding on people who haven't replied. Until then, I've done all I can, and I'm going to sit back and just wait for other people to be sprayed in poo.

Not my problem anymore.

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