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It all comes down to ownership...

Meeting with Leah got pre-empted and postponed till next week cause she was uber stressed last night. That lends to the knowledge that it WAS just touching base and I'm not getting my ass fired, which we all knew was the case anyway, right? Right.

I've been pondering the whole uncomfortable situation since I last freaked about it, and what I've realized is that people have been taking ownership of certain things because they're comfortable there. Like the parts in sketches, or me with K-Tel. And when things get switched up, that ownership is brought into question, and we feel more insecure. Unfortunately for me, ownership of a 'structure' isn't as feasible as ownership of a role in a sketch. Leah purposefully was keeping people (except for me for some reason) in the same spots in the sketches until we got more time to go over them, but we all know the structures, and as such are all expected to do them.

Anyway, I think I just need to work on getting out of my head. That's my real problem.

No amusing quote right now.

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