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Sixty One Shots

"I've got sixty one shots."
"I'm going to run these kids ragged."
"Sixty one shots? Are you trying to commit suicide on your first film?"

And that was just today. This was a discussion our director, Melissa, had with the TA that was helping with sound this morning.

Sixty one shots. And we got them all done. It took twelve hours, but we did it. Ten and a half hours yesterday-- I have no clue how many shots. But Melissa had to go pick up more film this afternoon.

This is only the fourth film I've really worked on, but it was by far the most grueling. But the most fun, too. However, I TOTALLY understand the need for stand-ins now. Holding one position under hot freaking lights for twenty minutes while a shot is being set up sucks HUGELY. Especially when it's asstastically hot outside, and you either don't have AC, or it's not running cause it'll interfere with sound.

I smell.

At one point today, I was running through a cemetery in the 89 (or whatever) degree weather, in jeans, sneakers, socks, tee shirt AND A FUCKING FLANNEL SHIRT! Oy! I thought that was going to kill me. But I made it.

Again, I had a whole lot of fun, and my co-stars (one of whom was one of my students-- he got me involved with the project) were AWESOME. The film was very serious, but the moment the camera stopped, we were all laughing and playing. Of the 170 digital pictures I took over the last two days, we were smiling in a good 150 of them.

But anyway, a good time was had by all. We'll have to go into the studio sometime next week for post-production dialogue stuff, then we get to see it in all it's black and white glory. WOO!

An actor's life for me
A high silk hat and a silver cane
A watch of gold with a diamond chain


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