The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

Drive time...

As much as I complain about my commute, I actually enjoy the drive if there's no traffic. Especially now that I have Madeline.

The half hour to forty-five minutes that I can just veg and let my trained responses kick in gives me an opportunity to think, and oftentimes to fantasize. And no, not in THAT way. It's hard to rub one out on the freeway when you have a convertible. :)

Today, I fantasized about my life. I fantasized about getting the gig with Boom Chicago and moving to Amsterdam. I fantasized about moving to New York and auditioning big time down there. That got me to thinking 'do I really have what it takes?' Which got me to thinking, "You're always too critical of yourself. The only way you'll know is to keep trying." Which got me to asking, "Well how long can I keep up this frenetic pace of 'trying'?" Which got me to answering, "As long as it takes, baby. As long as it takes."

I like my life.

I have good friends. I have a lot to keep me busy. I'm doing things I *ENJOY*. And today, I'm dead sexy.

I'm not moving to New York (not anytime soon), I'm not giving up on ANYTHING, I'm forging ahead like one of those big muthafucking ships that plow through the polar ice caps. So don't get in my way. :)

Uri Geller bends spoons with the sheer force of his will. Most of us manifest our mind-power in slightly less-spectacular fashion. The results though, are often every bit as impressive. We bend events. We shape circumstances. We subtly rearrange the molecular structure of people and things in order to make them more accommodating to our needs. Does it always work? No! But it often does. It is working now for you. Be careful what you wish for today, you may just get it.

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