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I am going to rip out your soul if you don't stop being so impatient.

8:50 AM - voicemail - Hi Klae! This is Nicelady. Sorry I didn't get back to you yesterday, but I'm ready for you this morning whenever you get a chance to help me.
9:02 AM - voicemail - Klae, this is Dumbass. I have a problem. Please give me a call
9:13 AM - voicemail - Klae, this is Fuckwad. I need your help with something, please give me a call.
9:15 AM - on the fone with Nicelady
9:20 AM - Dumbass calls back. "Did you get my message."
9:25 AM - Fuckwad calls back. "Did you get my message."

I got your message. I also have 40 other managers besides you to deal with. You are on my list. When I get to you on my list, I will call you. I'm not going to call you just to tell you that I got your message and will call you back later because that's a waste of my time. Just because I don't call you back within fifteen minutes does NOT mean you need to call me again. Give me at LEAST two hours to return your call. FORTY other managers are also waiting, and most of them are VERY patient. Thank you, and fuck off.


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