September 18th, 2001


Step 1 of 12

So... this is it. Somewhere to dump... stuff... and ohhhhhh is there a lot of stuff to dump. Hopefully some will be good. A lot will be brooding moody crap that few of you have heard come from me.

But hey, I guess that's what we're here for, right?

It's late, so I'm not going to write more tonight, but I wanted to get things started.

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Which finger do you remove from the dyke?

So there are alot of things bouncing around in my head at the moment. The most prominent right now being that there are some changes coming up at the Asylum. Nothing that' going to boot me out of a job there any time soon, but stuff that's going to make us all re-evaluate what it is we really want out of it.

The very nature of the Touring Company is on the verge of change... we're getting new people, which is cool, but in doing so those of us who are there already will be getting less stage time and less rehearsal time. Not that 3 will make that big a difference, but I won't have a guaranteed show every week now. As it is, I feel rusty if I miss a week for the day job. Now, missing a week because there isn't a show for me... oy.

It SHOULDN'T be that bad, but I can't help but be a little nervous.

On a lighter note, I crashed the House of Tang's party over the weekend and had Mucho fun! Good people, good laughs, friendship and warmth. All important things. Must have more. :)


Prying eyes...

My baloney has a first's A M B E R
My baloney has a second name it's puking in the sink


Okay, yes, I've been reading other people's journals and not told anyone else where mine is, or that it exists yet. But do they REALLY care? Dunno. In some ways, this all seems to be some sort of ostentatious bullshit to entertain other people... but I do that every week anyway. Do I really put down the things I think and feel? Will people look at me like some sort of social/emotional leper? My one saving grace is my sense of tact. I know when and when not to say certain things (and tend to air on the not side). Do I let that decide what I'm going to write about?

Nahhh, fuckit. If folks get uncomfortable about what they read or upset about what I feel I guess they'll just have to tell me, eh?

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An Open Letter to Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson

From 9/14/2001
Putting this up cause it feels right to do it.

This is in response to the following article:

Dear Jerry and Pat:

In this time of coming together, in this time of crisis, in this time of Republicans and Democrats working TOGETHER, in this time of cooperation and recovery it deeply saddens me to see that your intolerance still burns as brightly as ever.

The thickness of the blinders that you must wear to not let you see that it's the attitudes like yours, intolerance like yours, and bigotry like yours that are the true termites eating away at the foundations of our great nation is amazing. When we come together without prejudice to try to make our country strong, you choose to chip away at what we're doing by blaming those different from you for what has happened. You use your influence over people to commit your own faith based terrorism on the citizens of this country. You use the fact that people trust you to turn them against people who's attitudes, beliefs and lifestyles are different from yours.

Well you know what guys? It's not going to work. The people of these United States of America are smarter than that. We've come to understand, if only recently, that we HAVE a common bond in being American. It doesn't matter what our religion is, what our political beliefs are, what our sexual orientation is, or wether we're pro-life or pro-choice. Because no matter what, we're pro-America and pro each other.

Jerry and Pat, your time is done. The true Spirit of America is now shining brighter than any shadow you can cast with your finger pointing and your theological statements. The new theology will incorporate love and tolerance not the hatred that you preach.

On behalf of everyone who doesn't WANT walk the same path as you, I pray that someday you see the New Light.

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