September 19th, 2001


Mmmm... beef...

So lunch is sitting in front of me. Roast beef, candied baby carrots and a salad. That makes me happy.

So does the fact that I do, indeed, have a show tonight. I'd not realized how much not performing in so long was altering my mood... but when Improv is your drug, what can you do?

I'm in one of those "I *SO* don't want to be in the office" days. I'm totally worthless (yea, more so than usual) today. There are more weighty things that I was going to write about, but I'm in too good a mood to do it. :)

Celebration time, come on!
Let's all celebrate and eat my roast beast!


Ahhh, yes... for the first time, I've been recognized outside of the Asylum as a performer. Granted, it was shortly after a show on the T, but still, it's quite a rush. Put that on top of a good show and it's better than any drug there is.

---interruption for a phone conversation--

Totally lost track of what I was writing, but I had the word 'Down' written. It means nothing to me. NOTHING! Bah!

Anyway, that was my bestest friend Rog calling to congratulate me on a practical joke I didn't commit. Lemme 'splain:

Two weekends ago, Rog his wife Rachel, and our friends Steve and Val came to see me perform in Newport. On the ride up, they had a TWO HOUR conversation about Val's clown phobia. As they were finishing the conversation, a clown drove by in a Ford Escort and waved. Freaky. Well, add to that the fact that one of our scenes in the show that night revolved around an evil clown kidnapping someone and you've got priceless images of Val trying not to run from the theater screaming. :)

So Roger and I were talking about subscribing Val to one of those e-mail lists where she gets daily Clown e-mails. She's getting them now, but neither Rog nor I signed her up for them! She's got Ghost Clowns...

Okay, time to go run off all this post show energy. God I love performing.

Clowns! AHH AHHHHHH! {wonk wonk} They'll kill every one of us!

The Darkness...

My horoscope, as told by :

PISCES (Feb 19-March 20)

Week of September 20, 2001

Think back to your first descent into the abyss many years ago. You were a raw rookie at the time, and didn't have many skills to help you negotiate the dark, dank regions. It was no surprise that you came back touchy and scarred. But in each stint in the underworld since then, you've gained more proficiency at remembering who you are even when you feel lost. In fact, I believe that somewhere along the way you passed a crucial threshold. During your next visit below, I suspect you will not only feel a minimum of pain; you will also discover uncanny pleasures that will sharpen your mythic vision and enrich your creative passion. Congratulations on the upgrade!

Not that I want to get deeply into it at this moment, but it's definitely true. My trips 'down under' have become less and less traumatic, and they're lasting for less time too. Well, hell, compared to the first one (2 years) ANYTHING is short. :) But more about the first trip later...

What I really wanted to do was praise Free Will Astrology, cause it kicks ass. Go there. Yes, you. Go. Now.

Why are you still here!??!
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