September 25th, 2001


The benefits of Soy Milk...

Yummmmmmm... this diet sucks my ass. And not in a good way.

I have, however, discovered the beauty of Silk Vanilla Flavored Soy Milk. It's my new drink of choice. :)

What a boring topic for a journal entry, huh?

Last night was the Greater Boston Improv Festival... much fun was had by all. Some of my cast mates competed against the other 3 big Improv groups in town. It rocked. We lost to Improv Boston by half a point on their turf doing their style of Improv. That says a shitload about how good our people are. :)

41 Days till I leave for Nepal!!! WOOOOOO!!!

::insert something witty here::
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Motivation... gone... loosing... consciousness...

Okay, can my cabin fever be any worse?

I'm so totally and utterly unmotivated to do ANYTHING at work I'm actually starting to get disgusted at myself.

I just have no desire to do ANYTHING here right now... or for the last week and a half, for that matter. I answer calls as they come in, but my projects have been sitting staring at me like dead fish.

I need some time away from work. Like a year.

Can any of you time travel and get me some winning lottery numbers?

Workin' 9 to 5 what a way to make a livin'...
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You Kant Always Get What You Want...

More surveys! Wooo!

This is how my philosophy measures up...

    1. Kant (100%)
    2. Spinoza (80%)
    3. Mill (73%)
    4. Stoics (69%)
    5. Aristotle (64%)
    6. Aquinas (63%)
    7. Sartre (62%)o
    8. Nietzsche (61%)
    9. Epicureans (59%)
    10. Prescriptivism (59%)
    11. Rand (58%)
    12. Bentham (53%)
    13. Ockham (50%)
    14. Noddings (48%)
    15. Hume (44%)
    16. Hobbes (29%)
    17. Augustine (24%)
    18. Plato (22%)
    19. Cynics (21%)

But sometimes you might just find that I'm what you need...
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