October 10th, 2001


Fun work time conversations...

LIGHTS UP on our hero, Clay, in his stall, working. The PHONE rings.

Clay: This is Clay.

Diane: (phone voice) Hi there! Dean wanted me to let you know that you'll be speaking to the Regional Managers next week. He's got you slated for an hour.

Clay: Oh, okay. What did he want me to talk about?

Diane: (phone voice) I don't know. He told me to call you and ask.

Clay: All right... I'll come up with something, but I don't think I'll need more than half an hour.

Diane: (phone voice) Okay.


Clay: This is Clay.

Diane: (phone voice) Hi, Dean wanted me to tell you that you're talking about the new online systems and the whole e-mail/Internet problem and what we're doing about it.

Clay: Okay.

So that's fine, except for the fact that at the LAST regional meeting I gave them all the information I had on the Internet Product, and I know NOTHING about what we're doing about the e-mail/Internet problem because the IS department has this habit of keeping me in the dark on these things...

So I'll bullshit my way through something.

King of Bullshit
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Orders from the stars...

    PISCES (Feb 19-March 20)

    Week of October 11, 2001

    Time is speeding up, and a result, so is the law of karmic repercussions. Everything you do sends out more ripples than it used to. For instance, each minute you spend fantasizing about winning the lottery depletes an entire day's worth of the energy you might have otherwise had available to launch a kick-ass plan for better money management. Likewise, you can no longer afford to indulge in woe-is-me envy for treasures owned by other people. Maybe you could get away with it in the past, but doing so now will sap your fierce determination to actually claim that prize for yourself. The moral of the story, Pisces: Unleash your latent reserves of pragmatic, hard-driving willpower.

So, anyone wanna have sex?
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Rowdy Buttheads Abound...

Oy, so the divine ms_ntropy and I went to see a show at the Asylum tonight. It was the last show for one of my castmates, Marty. Unfortunately there was a huge group of drunk dipshits around us who really kept me from enjoying myself because I was overly concerned with everyone else's comfort/enjoyment.

I *SO* wish they would have just thrown them out. Bah! But ms_n said she had fun, which is a bonus. I promised to take her to another show to make it up to her though.

I'll miss performing with Marty. She was in my graduating class, so I've been working with her for the better part of 2 years. ::sigh::

What do you do with a drunken asshole?
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