October 17th, 2001


Accidental Death On Stage...

Monolog subject for tonight: Asphyxiation

Clay goes out on stage with a Pokemon, BurgerKing Crown and a toy Armadillo.
Clay goes on about how lame his toys are and make them fight.
Clay goes on about no sharp edges, no moving parts, no kung fu grip.
Clay goes on about sneaking into the kitchen to get a spatula to play Pokemon Baseball and getting his ass beat.
Clay sighs.
Clay goes on about sneaking into the pantry today to get a new toy.
Clay takes off his BurgerKing crown.
Clay reaches into his pocket and pulls out a plastic bag.
Clay eyes it gleefully.
Clay puts it over his head.
Lights fade.
Audience laughs hysterically.


It was a good show though. The monolog felt GREAT cause I didn't pre-plan anything, not even a character. Had a general idea of what I wanted to do, just went out on stage and became a little bored kid complaining about his toys. Everyone loved it. Yay me!

Everybody's on a Peanut Hunt...

(I've posted this three times and it won't hit the webpage... odd)
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Can't judge a book by its cover...

Or a personal by it's headline.

But it's funny that when I changed my headline to:

I can tie cherry stems into knots with my tongue -- DOES THAT HAVE NO VALUE?!

I got two unsolicited responses within a week.


And yes, I can do it, too.
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