October 18th, 2001


Fall's Fire Ravages...

I had a meeting downtown this morning, and got to take that nice Starrow/Soldiers Field drive from the Fenway back to Newton around noonish. It's one of my favorite drives in Boston cause you don't stop (excluding traffic), and it's along the river, and it's pretty and...

It's Fall.

The trees are on fire.

THIS is why I love New England. You don't get this growing up in Booney Fuck California where the sorry excuse for oak trees they have just turn shit brown and dump their leaves in moldering piles everywhere.

This is actually my favorite time of year. It's the time where I want to kidnap my friends and make them cuddle on the couch with me while we read (individually or to each other, doesn't matter) and drink tea.

It better not freakin' rain on Saturday.

I'm in the mood for snugglin'...
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I can see the window from my stall...

...if I look over the left side of one of my monitors... yes, I have two computers in my cube cause I do so much random crap.

I want to be outside. Inside, the florescent lights are sucking my soul away.

Hey, if you've not already given me your address for a postcard from Kathmandu, send it to me.

Mommy? Can I go outside and play?
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Dear Clay and Chris...

The porch is a piece of shit you really shouldn't have the couch out there.

Why did you use a staple gun to hold up the plastic sheeting on the inadequately insulated porch? It's the nicest unpainted original wood in the house.

Your Landlord.

Make up your mind. Piece of shit or not?


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If this doesn't say "Kickass Vacation" nothing does!

    PISCES (Feb 19-March 20)

    Week of October 18, 2001

    Can the human aura be seen by talented psychics who have opened their third eyes? Maybe, though I don't know for sure. I myself am unimpeachable evidence, however, that auras can be sniffed by those who have activated their second noses. In fact, I can smell your aura all the way from here. It's pungent but enticing, zesty and brisk. It reminds me of a fragrance I once enjoyed while in the presence of an inspired artist--a blend of oil paints and turpentine, espresso and pizza, night-blooming jasmine in the garden outside, and the tangy mix of sweat and endorphins wafting from the genius at work. My interpretation: You are primed to create a tour de force that will dramatically expand your world.

23 Days Left. Let's GO already!!!

11/10/01 can't get here fast enough
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