October 28th, 2001


Ten times more tired, twenty times more fun...

Ahhh, why didn't I start doing this years ago. I'm fucking exhausted, but hanging with friends all weekend is the best thing for the soul.

Friday night we hauled our way the whole 2 hours out to No-Ha for Kareoke (or however the hell you spell it). It was MUEY fun, despite the fact that the host wouldn't play my first selection even though I submitted it twice. I ended up doing something I only vaguely knew, and wasn't totally happy with my performance... but there's always next time.

Came home early Saturday, got cleaned up and went out to a pumpkin carving party with the Divine Miss Entropy. Made a kickass pumpkin (pictures forthcoming) and had a kickass time, then at 10:30 hopped BACK into the car and drove an hour and a half up to Nude Hampster for yet ANOTHER party. Actually, it was rather sedate, but quite fun. Spent the majority of the day today just hanging out, now I'm waiting for my pants to come out of the dryer so I can go do a show.


The Bitches love me cause they know that I can rock...
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Ground Control to Major 'Tard...

Oh, so I drove to the North End for Pizza tonight. I'm not in the damn show. Don't I know how to read a fucking calendar?


What a dumbass. :)

But hey, I got pizza.

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie...
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