October 31st, 2001


Preview of my trip??

"You have the Flu? That sucks Sarah!!"

Sarah nods. "And its a ghastly one, too. All congested chest and pounding head and fever and chills and all. But I still get to go to work, since Americans -insist- on having heartattacks, getting run over by boulders, overdosing on a potpourri of narcotics or-- and this is my favorite-- stripping off all of their clothes, shouting obscenities, urinating in hospital rooms and attacking nurses."

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This is roughing it??

Clay grins. "Hey, is there anything I should bring dress wise? And is there somewhere I can do laundry, or should I bring enough clothes for the whole time. :)"

Sarah says, "My staff will do your laundry, dear. Neatly pressed and folded."

Clay laughs. "How cool is it to have a staff? :)"

Sarah grins. "It's pretty cool most of the time. Sometimes it gets to be a pain, but mostly, they're great. And the few little inconveniences (like getting scolded by the driver when I drive MY OWN FREAKING CAR around) are nothing compared to never having to dust, do dishes or wash clothes."

Sarah HEYs, too! This is SO not fair. I got all of my characters up to level 100 on Final Fantasy VIII (100 being the very top level, can't go any farther) and the Omega-Freakin-Weapon casts 'Level 5 Death' on everyone as its first move in the final battle. That means that anyone whose level is a multiple of five is instantly killed. NOW WHAT?

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Drink deeply...

    PISCES (Feb 19-March 20)

    Week of November 1, 2001

    In order for you to fulfill your life's mission, where should you direct your love? What influences deserve your smartest passion? Which recipients of your gifts will give back to you the most useful riches? As long as Jupiter is in the sign of Cancer, until the beginning of August 2002, you will have an inside track to uncovering the best answers to these questions. To magnetize yourself to this wisdom, try this exercise. Twice a day for five minutes, visualize yourself holding a large silver cup. Imagine that the most beautiful person you've ever seen is pouring the most delicious drink you've ever drunk into that vessel.
I'm not going to comment on this one just yet. I'm just going to revel in it for a while.

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More Horoscopic Goodness:

    Wednesday, 31st October 2001

    Pisces (Feb 20 - Mar 20)

    Do you know what you are doing? Does anyone? We all have hidden agendas. We all kid ourselves about our true motives. We all act unconsciously from time to time. Those who feel sure that they DO know what they are doing are the greatest self deceivers. Those with enough humility to acknowledge that they don't know have the best chance of actually finding out. Maybe you don't know what you are doing now - but that's good. Better yet, you know what you are NOT doing. This makes you very safe and very deserving of success.
And yes, I know exactly what I'm NOT doing right now, and WHY I'm not doing it. But soon, the time for NOT will be past. I'm actually looking forward to that.

Baby steps... Baby steps...
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The difference between Crush and Attraction

So clear now how the Crush is only fascination that one knows will never come to fruition. It's easy in that case to flirt and be aggressive.

The Attraction however has potential, and it's the potential that makes one more cautious. Planning each step and watching that mistakes are not made.

With both, however, there are inherent dangers. One can scare the Crush away if one is too flirtatious or too aggressive. One can loose the one one is attracted too if one takes too long to make decisions, or one moves too carefully.

Thank god it's almost November.

She seems to have that physical attraction...
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