November 13th, 2001


Welcome to Nepal, baby!

It's a very, very odd sensation to have the sun rise, set and rise again during the course of like 15 hours.

I flew from JFK to Frankfurt, Germany to Singapore, Malasia to Kathmandu, Nepal. I left JFK around 9:30 PM on the 10th and arrived in Nepal at around 1:00 AM on the 12th (Eastern Time, it was noon here).

Let me tell you, Singapore Air rocks.

Aside from a little bit of jet lag, things are cool. This is technically my second day here. Yesterday, Sarah and her driver, Madun, picked me up at the airport and we went straight to her house. The place is AWESOME. Two story vaulted ceilings on the seconds story. Most of the main floors are marble. There's a balcony off my bedroom, and a loft in it as well.

When I got cleaned up, we went for Pizza (there's an Italian woman who's lived here for years and makes GREAT pizza... not a very auspicious first meal here, but it was REALLY good). Then wandered around some of the shopping areas. I bought two little bird like things that make a HELLUVA lot of noise for my Nephews. :) Kelly's gonna kill me.

In the evening, we met up with Renee, a friend of Sarah's and went to the Ghurka shop in Thamel. Ghurka's are the angled blades that the British Military issued to Nepali/Indian soldiers. They're wicked cool. Then we went to O Sole Mio for Thai food (apparently they have an Italian menu, too) for dinner.

I was up this morning well before dawn. Probably around 6:30 PM Eastern time, and got some cool shots of the sunrise over the foothills (THEY call them foothills, we would call them mountains). Tara, Sarah's housekeeper made me scrambled eggs and toast (from home made bread) for breakfast. I unpacked, got cleaned up, played with Sanku (Sarah's dog) then met Sarah at the Embassy and we went for lunch.

Turned out that I ended up eating with a good chunk of the Consulate staff, including the Acting Ambassador, who is in the process of being confirmed as the Ambassador to Micronesia. He's pretty cool, and has been to both Redding (my home town) and Boston, so we had some stuff to talk about.

After lunch, I wandered back to Thamel (it's the big tourist shopping area) and now I've stopped into this internet shop to tell all of you hello.


Look at me, here I am, right where I belong...