December 6th, 2001


For he *IS* the Quizat Hadarach! (or however you spell that)

Last night, when asked for someone infamous, the audience called out:


So I had to play Bin Laden on stage. I was not too keen on doing this. I wanted to switch it up somehow. I thought this was dangerous ground upon which to tread.

Tim and I were hiding in a cave. My first line:

"I shot my whole wad back in September! I've got nothing now. I'm fucked if they find me!"

And the audience laughed.

"I'm cutting off the beard so they won't recognize me. I've been on the cover of Time and Newsweek. I'm screwed!"

And the audience laughed more.

That's the secret. Play the big bad guy like they want to see him, and you'll be adored for ages to come.

Everything's gonna be all right...
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Film just can't do justice...

All 27 rolls came back. They're barely a ghost of how beautiful it really was. The pictures are pretty, don't get my wrong, but it's almost painful to look at them because they're the merest shadow of what they are trying to represent.


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