December 14th, 2001


God Bless My Roommate and his Osteriser...

Sunday last, Ms. E and I made Curry from scratch. Not having a mortar and pestle (sp?) I had to crush the coriander and cumin seeds in a ziplock bag with a glass bottle... not the easiest thing in the world.

Last night I made a HUGE batch of curry powder with his Osteriser blender thing. Mmmmm, fresh curry powder.


Half day of work to day, doo dah doo dah...
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Overdue Fines...

Greetings Denizens of New England!

If you have checked out a DVD from the SilasKlae DVD library could you:

a) Let us know you have it

b) Let us know when it's coming back

There are a surprising number of DVDs that are unaccounted for, and we're a little nervous as we know of NO ONE who has borrowed of late.

We now return you to your previously scheduled program.

me & fingerboy
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