December 28th, 2001


First Step: Get the Script in Hand

And here it is, sitting on my desk. It's in one of those blue report covers that you used to use for history reports in the eighth grade, where the brads are built into the spine, and you push them through the three hole punched paper and fold them over on the back.

It's script #2, originally intended for Peter, but that name has been scratched out and my father's written over it in black magic marker

The script is simple, no frivolity. There is barely an inch worth of 'credits' before the dialogue starts on photocopies of hand typed pages dated 1980 with an O typed over a little c for the copyright symbol. We actually did the show a few years after it was first written though... maybe '83 or '84.

Tucked inside the cover were some of my dad's original concept sketches for the set we built, and the inserted Fezziwig scene.

The whole thing smells like old paper. That comforting smell you get in the rare books room at the library.

Tomorrow I'm going to start scanning the script, feeding it through OmniPage Pro Optical Character Recognition software, then feeding it into Final Draft Screenwriting software to put the whole thing into a more 'actor friendly' format. My mother is still trying to get ahold of a phone number for the authors so I can actually get permission to do what I want to do. It's the polite way to do it, you know.

Hey, anyone know the actual copyright law when dealing with Dickens' intellectual property regarding A Christmas Carol?

Everybody's got a little Fezziwig, locked inside, bound and tied...
Shit, when did Fezziwig start subbing for Jack? ;)

Oh, and hey, thanks for a fun evening of Goonies and curry stains, you. Sorry bout the pants. :
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Update on Uncle Roy...

He made it through okay... apparently it was supposed to be a quintuple bypass (didn't know they DID those) but they only did four. He still has a lot of plack in his arteries though (not brushing well) so he'll have to go on special diets and blood thinners... but hey, that's better than a heart attack!!

Thanks for the warm wishes. Love you all.


How fucking difficult is it to fucking read a fucking list of fucking instructions BEFORE you fucking call me to fucking help you with them? Shouldn't you fucking read the fucking instructions BEFORE you decide that you fucking don't understand them instead of fucking calling me so that I can fucking read them to you, you fucktards?


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At the top of my Friends page is a Non-entry:

Current Mood: busy
Current Music: Silence There, And Nothing More...

No date, no time, no name, no entry... just a floating mood and music.

Verrrrrrrrry Interesting...
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Cisco Router In My House, do-dah do-dah!

Well, work wants to set me up with a 'work at home' router, so I can connect my laptop and VPN right into the office. This means they're going to supply me with a Cisco router.

Somedays I love my job... no, correction, some moments, I love my job. I'm sure I'll hate it again as soon as the phone rings.

Narf! Poit!