January 1st, 2002


Shitty Ends, Good Beginnings...

We'll go with the good beginning first. Today consisted of:

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Drop Dead Gorgeous
Run Lola Run
Whose Line Marathon

Much better than yesterdays craptacular news:

    Hey everyone-

    The cast for Wednesday is as follows:

    Lights: Curran
    Music: Dan
    Actors: Sara Cathleen Kiley Matt Tim Harry

    The cast for Sunday is as follows:

    Lights: Curran
    Music: Dan
    Cast: Bernadette Sara Brian Clay Dan Travis

    As you may notice, we are no longer doing the Saturday 6 pm shows. We will talk more about this at rehearsal.

GREAT way to spoil everyone's New Year's fun. :P So I was moody for a good part of the night. Luckily the people who came by made me smile. Thanks to them. I just don't understand how they think yanking shows from us like that (at the last second even) isn't going to piss us off. Oh well, guess that's what happens when we're second class.

We get no respect...
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