January 3rd, 2002


Can you scan this 12 page report so I can e-mail it to someone?

Uhhhh... no? Why?

Because they want it scanned.


I don't know [the boss] said so

Uhhh, boss, what are we trying to do with this?

They want to do a paperless audit, so they want the report scanned and e-mailed to them

You do realize that in order for it to be readable it's going to be around a meg per page that we're e-mailing, right?

Oh, Fuck that.

Thank god some people are sane.



I assistant taught ball room dance in college (stop laughing, Mark). It was fun. The dance that I was the worst at, but loved doing the most was the Tango. It was a dance of passion. It was a powerful dance. We told people that when they danced the Tango, they should carry themselves as if they were trying to say to their partner: I despise you. Now fuck me.

I'm sitting in front of the Moulin Rouge DVD that I picked up today, and the Tango scene just ended.

On top of it being my favorite dance, it's also probably my favorite scene of any film. There's so much power and passion in it. They've captured the dance and bent it to their will, bring a deadly passion to the sequence. It's just fucking amazing.

Amazing like Titus and Twelve Monkeys and American Beauty and Happiness and Trainspotting and Fight Club.

This is what I should be doing with my life. Making things that are powerful and moving. Making things that grip people by the soul and beat them on the pavement of their memories causing them to break with joy or run in disgust.

Not sitting in a stall. Not sitting on the phone. Not working in Real Estate (insert spitting noise here).

There's no passion in Real Estate other than mine. And when you're passionate about your job when no one else is, no one understands you.

Coat tails, people! Coat tails! It's time to prep for liftoff.

I will love you, until my dying day...
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