January 22nd, 2002


Aeropuerto Blues

I travel alot for work. Mostly by plane, too. Today is the firat time since the terrorist artacks, though, that I've been annoyed by the new security precautions. Because I was shunred into the 'wand these poor bastards' line this morning, I spent nearly fifteen minutes separated from my bags, with my laptop sitting out in a little plastic bin where anyone could walk away with it, while some woman who didnt speak english wanded me, patted me down, took my shoes, then never brought them back to me. If I'd not taken it upon myself to go collect my things, I'd probably STILL be standing there listening to Chaquita's broken English while my baga backed up the x-ray exit ramp.

If these stupid fuckers aren't going to take resposibiliry for my belongings while they're sittig out and vulnerable, then how can they keep me separated from them for so long? It's almost like those stores th t make you leave your bags at the counter, but take no respobsibility for what their employees steal while you shop... assholes.

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